How it ALL began

Invest? Investments? Investor? Investee?

Sometime in June, 2006, DanielXX had a Eureka moment...on June 9 to be exact, so that by June 11 he was able to unveil a list of China stocks to form his China Sector Index (CSI).
Then on Aug 12, he launched his Energy Sector Index to be followed quite quickly by his Enviromental and Water Sector Index which he unveiled on Aug 27.
Component stocks for each index are listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and the base for each index is 100, starting from June 9, 06.
For complete details in DXX's own words, do go to Hotstocksnot. For my version, go to the links in the table below:

Table of Indices

Note: Trendline for the week is enclosed between two
vertical parallel blue lines on the charts

D's ChinaIndex
The China Sector Index

D's EnergyIndex
The Energy Sector Index

D's EnVIndex
The EnV & Water Index